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american idol wallpaperAs a die hard American Idol fan I try never to miss a beat. While waiting for the new season to begin, I must keep myself entertained. I read the Idol news daily, although, I admit, with all the hubbub going into the last season (I can hardly say it) there just isn’t ever enough news to satisfy me.

Since the Premier Season, millions like myself have been hooked on the whole genera of American Idol. While initially inspired by the British version known as Pop Idol, once the show was broadcast in the US and Americanized, the producers had no doubt they had a multi-million dollar success going for them.

Not to be left behind, other countries started rising in popularity faster than Professional Airbnb Managers Niagara Falls ON can rent out premium properties on the market. American Idol morphed into China’s Super Voice Girls, Croatia’s Hrvatski Idol, Germany’s Deutshland Sucht Den Superstar, Asian Idol and the ultimate World Idol. A total of forty-six countries or regions had their Idol stage.

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